Audrey Ademeyi

Audrey Ademeyi

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist


Over the last 20 years as a practising Soft Tissue Therapist, I have learnt that connective tissue surrounding muscles (the myo-fascia) is the most important element in the release of the muscles. My work is therefore focused on releasing the tension in the myo-fascia. This involves working more globally to achieve the required results. Myo-fascia surrounds one muscle and then continues to surround another, so pain felt in the neck could be a result of some dysfunction in a more remote area such as the ankle, because they are connected via this myo-fascia.

My clients are all ages, including teenagers, athletes and those who are not sporty. I encourage my clients to use their breath as well visualisation techniques to encourage further relaxation. At times a client needs to feel safe to let go and I always endeavour to facilitate that.

I encourage the fascia to ‘unwind’ gradually rather than to force the process. The techniques I use are designed to allow the superficial layers of fascia to relax in order to access the deeper layers, which can be painful. The pain is usually experienced as relieving.


  • LSSM – BTEC Higher Diploma Sports & Remedial Massage
  • STW Institute – FST (Fascial Stretch Therapist) Level 1
  • MTI – Certificate in Holistic Massage
  • Acuball Therapist
  • BA Communications & Sociology
  • Certificate in Adult Counselling


Audrey Adeyemi
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